How to Fish With a Toddler

Fishing is a perfect activity to share with your kids, and you really can’t start too early. If you’re thinking of taking your toddler fishing, these tips on how to fish with a toddler can help ensure it’s a safe and enjoyable experience.

Use the Right Equipment

A full-size fishing rod will be overwhelming for any toddler. Instead, invest in fishing poles for kids. You might also consider getting a small child-size net and a mini tackle box so that your toddler can have his or her own gear, just like mom or dad.

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Be Well Prepared

Your toddler’s attention span is pretty short, so it’s best to be well prepared so that you can get right to fishing when you get to the lake or ocean. The more that you can have prepared ahead of time, the better – try to have bait and bobbers already on the lines.

You will also want to be well prepared in terms of the supplies that you bring. Snacks, hand wipes, a chair, sunscreen, bug spray – be sure that you have everything that you might need on hand.

Pick a Safe Location

It goes without saying that you will have to closely supervise your toddler around water, but carefully choosing your fishing location can make it easier to keep your toddler safe. Try to avoid docks or piers, or other areas where your child could fall into deep water. If you do fish from such a location, then it’s a good idea to have your toddler wear a life jacket while fishing. Otherwise, try to find suitable fishing spots on a beach or lakefront where there isn’t an immediate drop into the water. Fishing in waters where local officials follow environmental compliance standards is also beneficial.

Provide Plenty of Assistance

You can start teaching your child about fishing at any age, but the lessons that you can teach your toddler will be limited. Teach your toddler the basics of casting, but be ready to assist and perform a lot of the actual fishing yourself. There’s no better thrill than reeling in a catch, though, so make sure that your toddler can participate in the process.

Keep Trips Short

You will probably find that your toddler’s interest in fishing only holds for short periods of time. You might bring along other supplies, like buckets for building sandcastles, to keep your toddler entertained during the down time. But also be prepared to end your trip early. It’s important to keep these fishing trips enjoyable for your toddler so that he or she will want to come back again.

Before you take your toddler fishing, make sure that you understand how to fish with a toddler. Creating a fun experience may mean that your child grows up with a strong love of fishing.